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Bemus Point Central School District

The Bemus Point Central School District 2015-2016 Budget recently Passed on May 19, 2015.
        Budget:   Yes  167                       Bus Prop:   Yes     173
                       No    50                                         No       42
Board Members Elected:
Kari A. Auer    190
John F. Novotny, Incumbent  180
Randy S. Oste, Incumbent     189


Project Scope            Project Timeline 

The information provided will be similar at all three sessions.

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Chautauqua County

Has posted a new Sex Offender Community Notification

For the Bemus Point School District

The subject is a Level- 3 sex offender as described in the New York State Sex Offender Act (SORA).  This means that the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services has determined the risk to the community as HIGH.

In accordance with the act, the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office disseminated the following information about the subject to entities with vulnerable populations.

Additional information about the NYS Sex Offender Registry can be obtained by calling 800-262-3257 or via S.O.R.A.(Sex Offender Registration Act) website:

Additional Information can be retrieved at below link:


The new Code of Conduct is now posted in our Document Library.


Check out our latest additions to the Bemus Point CSD online Document Library



Business First Rankings


2013 Business First ranks Bemus Point schools 6th out of 97 Western New York Schools, 94.8 percent overall. This district ranks number one among the county's 18 school districts, with a district population of 5,151 (97.4 percent white) and a K-12 enrollment of 749. The per-pupil spending rate in Bemus Point is $15,868 which is 22% lower than the state average. There is an 11.5 percent poverty level and 17.2 percent of the district’s students receive a free or reduced lunch. Bemus Point schools have an overall Regents graduation rate of 98.3 percent with 62.1 percent graduating with an advanced Regents diploma.

In 2013 Bemus Point Elementary ranked 137 (of 281) with a percentile of 51.4 percent for English and mathematics; while Maple Grove Jr.-Sr. High School ranked 11 (of 135) or 92.5 percent.

Bemus Point is the only district in Chautauqua County to score in the top 10 percent of all WNY schools for the past four years in all four core subjects.

Powerschool Parent Portal

What Is the Parent Portal?

The District’s new student information management program allows parents of students in grades 4-12 to log into their students’ accounts via an internet connection.  Parents may request a login ID and password which will allow them to access student grade reporting and attendance information.  Logging in to the Parent Portal gives parents access to faculty gradebooks, attendance information, teacher comments, daily bulletin announcements and student course request information.

What Do I Need to Use the Parent Portal?

• To log in to the Parent Portal, you need access to a computer that can connect to the internet. The computer can be a Windows PC or Macintosh.
• PowerSchool is accessed by using a browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Firefox or any similar browser.
• You must have a username and password for each of your children. Parents will see only the information for the one student assigned that particular login.

How Do I Request a Login?

You may request a login and password by downloading the form below, filling it out, and returning the tear-off portion to your child’s homeroom teacher.  Please indicate on the bottom of the form whether you prefer to pick up the login information in person, or whether you prefer to have the information mailed to you.


Parent Portal Request Form


Remember to Update Your eAlert Emergency Notification System

Bemus Point Schools activated an emergency notification system, in addition to television announcements, that will alert parents when there is a school closing.  Initially, all students’ primary phone numbers were uploaded to the eAlert system for phone notification for school closings only.

Parents can access the emergency notification system via the school’s website to modify their alerts.  You may choose to be notified by your home phone, your cell phone or texting, or email.  Each student can have up to six different forms of communication for these emergency notifications.  When you access the form online, you will see a variety of notifications to which you may opt to subscribe.  This form is submitted directly to eAlert, not to the school district.  Anyone may opt to subscribe to the emergency notifications, whether or not they live in our District. eAlert will allow us to communicate with parents more efficiently and effectively.

Breakfast and Lunch 
Prices Increase

The  District will continue to provide the best breakfast and lunch program possible at the most reasonable cost.  We have an agreement with Personal Touch, Inc., to provide a cafeteria program for our students.

Prices are as follows:


Breakfast    $1.25
Lunch       $2.00   

Jr.-Sr. High School

Breakfast     $1.25 
Lunch       $2.00

In addition to the regular lunch, the high school cafeteria will offer
sandwiches, ala carte items, ice cream, and snacks.  Milk will be available at all schools for 50¢.

Additional information and applications are available at all buildings.


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