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The Maple Grove Counseling Office has extensive resources available to students and parents. We can provide information on colleges, college applications, testing, financial aid, choosing a major, careers, and much more. Students and parents are also encouraged to look at our Helpful Links which provides numerous online resources for all of the above.


Mrs. Kelly Filkins Mrs. Cheryl Russo

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Students and parents are encouraged to contact Mrs. Filkins or Mrs. Russo in the Counseling Office for more information.

College and Career

Parental involvement is crucial in the college and career planning process. With parents and counselors working together, a sound college and career choice strategy becomes a reality for each child. Students and parents find it difficult to select "target" schools. Some pick "reaches," while others stick with "safeties." Conferring with your school counselor can bring things more into focus. The counselor has the experience and objectivity to help students and parents make the right choices. Solid communication between parents, students, and counselors is absolutely essential to proper and efficient planning.

GRADE 9: Emphasis must be on academics. Students must accept increased responsibility for their actions and performance immediately upon entering high school. A solid academic record is very important. Grade 9 counts 25 percent of the final class rank and the overall grade-point average for college.

GRADE 10: Continue to emphasize academics. The better a student does in Grades 9 and 10 the more options he/she will have later on. Students should begin to expand their college and career exploration.

GRADE 11: Overall high school performance is the key to college admission. Junior-year performance is crucial. College and career exploration is in full swing. College visits should be planned. Students should take college admissions tests (SAT, ACT) by May or June.

GRADE 12: The senior year is extremely busy with the college admissions process, financial aid, and scholarship applications. Deadlines are crucial. This can be very stressful if you are uninformed. The senior year courses should be challenging, and it is critical to maintaining good grades.

What to Be and Where to Go?

The Maple Grove Counseling  Office has an extensive list of resources available to students and parents. There are over 100 videos on careers, colleges, the college application process, the SAT, college athletics, and financial aid. There are also many books available on financial aid sources, careers, college guides, and study skills to name but a few.

Students and parents are encouraged to contact Mrs. Filkins and Mrs. Russo in the Counseling Office for more information.

       The College
Application Process

The Counseling  Office would like to encourage all college-bound seniors to complete their applications soon. Every college has its own application deadline, but you are urged to complete your applications by December 1. This gives you an advantage over other applicants who wait and mail their applications closer to the deadline dates.
There are a few important steps to be aware of regarding the college application process:
1. Complete all applications by December 1.
2. Colleges usually require letters of recommendation from individuals who know you well. You should provide each person who is writing a letter of recommendation for you with a stamped, addressed envelope and a brief description of the activities that you have been involved in, as well as your intended college major. (If Maple Grove faculty is writing the letter, you can request that they turn their recommendation in to the Counseling Office so that it may be included with your application.) It is customary to allow the person(s) writing the letter of recommendation two weeks to complete this, so watch your deadlines!
3. Secure and complete the application form, mailing envelope, and the application fee and then turn them into your Counselor. PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying to any colleges online, before electronically submitting your application, print a hard copy and bring it to your counselor for review. It is critical that you do this because a transcript will have to be mailed separately.
4. The Counseling  Department will add additional, necessary information to your transcript and application(s), and also review your application(s) to make sure it is correct and complete. The Counseling Department will mail your application for you. (We also send a postcard that is returned to the Counseling Office to ensure that the individual actually received your application. Allow your Counselor sufficient time to process your applications. Once again, two weeks is usually customary but the majority of applications are completed and mailed within one week.)
5. Plan to visit and tour the college(s) of your choice. You may use up to three days to visit colleges.
6. Make certain that you have taken the necessary SAT/ACT tests if your college requires them. Test schedules and applications are available in the Counseling  Office.

Any questions? Please contact the Counseling Office at 386-2855.

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